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Gaynes LRC – Research & Information Literacy

Opening Times

8:00am - 3:50pm
Monday – Friday

LRC Staff

Mrs L. C. Farmer          
LRC Manager
Careers Officer

Mrs L. Cruse
Snr. LRC Assistant

Mrs S. Fancuilli B25
A.M / P.M Support

Reading Blogs

Information literacy forms the basis for lifelong
  learning. The LRC supports Gaynes pupils in the use of all media and digital sources and encourages them to become independent in their pursuit of knowledge.

Gaynes Learning Resource Centre

Information Literacy

Information literacy is being able to understand why, when and where to find answers to your questions. How to evaluate and validate the information you find and what is relevant to your topic. All the text based resources in the LRC are organised using the Dewey Decimal System, you can use the links below to understand how to use it.


The following links will help you with your Information Literacy skills. Use the Gaynes LRC Research Skills Guide to help you with your research for all your homework and coursework needs.

In years 7 & 8 you learn the basic skills needed to research and present your work. Extending your skills for the standard of coursework required in years 9, 10 and 11 may seem problematic but the links below will help with research, note-taking, writing and presentation. Don’t forget to always check the accuracy of your information and never rely on one source. Check that the facts you use are true and unbiased; form your own opinions. Most importantly discard anything irrelevant, stick to the point and don’t wander off topic. UseGaynes Eclipse and Searchstar to check our stock.

Whenever you produce a piece of homework or coursework you must make sure it is all your own work. If you use words, images, sounds or even ideas from other people you MUST say where you got them from otherwise you might be accused of plagiarism (cheating). You will need to create a Bibliography.

10 Minute Tutorial

Accreditation, Referencing & Creating A Bibliography

If you make a list of all the information you have used from books, magazines, leaflets, the internet etc it is called Referencing. Don’t forget you will need to make a note of the title, the author, the publisher date for whichever type of information source you have used. The list of references you have recorded is called a Bibliography. There are several styles for writing bibliographies, try the link below for more information.

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