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Mr Campbell
Ms Molloy

Mr Campbell – Head of ICT/eLearning
Ms Molloy
Business Studies/ICT

Curriculum Overview

The ICT department consists of two ICT specialists who are all enthusiastic about their subject. ICT is a rapidly changing subject with exciting new products and software arriving all the time. At Gaynes School we strive to incorporate these new technologies to allow for a more varied and interesting curriculum.

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In the current era computers are used in nearly every job and we understand the responsibility that we have to teach our students how to thrive in a common working environment. ICT is taught throughout KS3 and KS4 as a core subject as well as being incorporated into the other subjects.

In KS3 students have the opportunity to learn about Multimedia, Presentations, Data Handling, Control, Graphics, Animation, Web Design and much more.

In KS4 students undertake either the CiDA course in ICT which is equivalent to 1 GCSE.

CiDA –

Click here to see the course website.

Edexcel CiDA from 2012 has been developed from the popular Edexcel DiDA qualifications, with a change of focus to emphasise creative computing. It aims to empower learners to play an active role in the digital sector rather than being simply consumers of digital content. Tailor made to meet the needs of today’s creative industries, the qualification covers imaging, creative multimedia, website development and computer game production.

Pupils will be completing one of the following "Unit 1" units and "Unit 2" for the practical exam:

Unit 1 – Games Authoring
Assessed – 75% Externally moderated coursework
WebsiteThe unit website is here.

This unit aims to provide learners with the knowledge and skills they need to design and produce interactive computer games.

On completion of this unit a learner will:

  • know about different types of games, game features and game play

  • be able to produce a game proposal and production plan

  • be able to design and develop games for others to play, employing an iterative, participatory approach to game development from initial concept to final game, using feedback from others to inform the process

  • be able to showcase achievements

  • be able to review games and suggest improvements

  • be able to use ICT efficiently and safely


Unit 1 – Artwork and Imaging
Assessed – 75% Externally moderated coursework
Website The unit website is here.

This unit aims to provide the learners with the ability to product computer graphics and designs to a high level.

On completion of this unit a learner will:

know about the difference between vector and bitmap graphics
be able to produce high quality graphic designs for a company or product
be able to create 3d products and designs
be able to conduct research into a market area
be able to create multimedia products
be able to review and improve work using feedback
be able to use ICT efficiently and safely


Unit 2 – Developing Web Products
Assessed - 25% practical exam
This takes the form of a practical, computer-based task – a website development project, for example.


The ICT rooms are open during every lunchtime to allow the students to complete any homework or coursework.

There are plans to have a new computer games programming club and an animation club in the near future.


If you wish to contact the Head of ICT by email, please address your email and mark it for the attention of the Head of ICT.

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