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Miss Sharp – Drama Teacher(Responsible for Department)

GCSE Results 2014 - 56.3%

Drama is an appropriate exploration and learning tool suitable for all ages and ability ranges. It examines issues in relation to the real world, studies the relationship between cause and effect, and encourages students to explore beyond the surface. Drama encourages exploration and discourages bland acceptance by recognising and challenging assumptions, stereotypes, prejudices and attitudes.
enables students to develop the skills needed to interact effectively with others, and work independently either in groups or alone.

Stage 3

Key Stage 3 there are five Key skills we focus on; Concentration, Cooperation, Communication, Creativity and Confidence. These skills provide all students with a valuable foundation which they can apply in all subjects across the curriculum, as well as to their lives beyond the classroom. Simultaneously all students also gain a knowledge of drama skills which continue to grow and develop in sophistication throughout the years.
At the end of KS3, all students participate in a KS3 Examination which involves them working in teams to produce and perform a fairytale of their own choice. Students are responsible for managing their own teams and producing scripts, set, costumes and props, as well as direction and performing.

Stage 4

Key Stage 4 Drama becomes optional. The Drama GCSE is a two year course following the Edexcel Examination Board Specifications. Drama GCSE is an in depth study of the art form both in theory and practice, consisting of three units. Components within this course include response, development, evaluation performance, improvisation and the study of a play text. Assessment within this course consists of 60% coursework and 40% performance.
Drama is active learning through experience. It is a way of understanding people's behaviour, motivations and problems at a deeper level than might be achieved by simply passing on information or through discussion. It also encourages a greater understanding of the power of non-verbal communication.

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Drama Department runs a lunchtime club for Years 7-9. We also showcase student work in the Summer Soiree. And in the Spring Term we have our annual school production, which is open for all students to audition and take part. Their is also opportunities to be involved back stage with costume, props, sets, lighting & sound.

If you wish to contact the Head of Drama by email, please address your email to:admin@gaynes.havering.sch.uk and mark it for the attention of the Head of Drama.

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