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Geography is part of everyday life: world weather; multi - national companies and politics; population movements and urban and rural change; maps and holidays. Understanding these things is what geography is all about. The levels of interest span all scales, from studying the local area to global warming. Geography also helps to develop transferable skills which include using primary and secondary data, analysis and evaluation, report writing and research.

At KS3 students study different themes at different levels 7 themes include the following:

  • Map reading and atlas work

  • Weather and climate of the British Isles,

  • Water, rivers and flooding

  • Settlements

Year 8 themes include the following:

  • Population and population movements

  • The Environment

  • An example of an EU country  - Italy

Year 9 themes include the following:

  • Physical geography - rivers and coasts

  • Global hazards including plate tectonics, volcanoes and earthquakes

  • An example of a HIC - Japan

  • An example of a LIC - Brazil

KS4 Geography remains a popular option choice for students. The GCSE syllabus focuses on our ever changing world and gives the students the chance to learn about these changes. Field work forms an important part of the course where students can put into practice their knowledge and skills. The following units are covered in the Edexcel A syllabus:

  • Geographical skills and Challenges

  • The Natural Environment

  • The Human Environment

  • Investigating Geography


If you wish to contact the Head of Geography by email, please address your email and mark it for the attention of the Head of Geography.

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