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Gifted and Talented

What do we mean by GIFTED and TALENTED?

  • The DCSF recognises gifted pupils as, ‘Children and young people with one or more abilities developed to a level significantly ahead of their year group (or with the potential to develop those abilities.)

  • Gifted pupils are those who are of a higher level of ability than most children in their year group in statutory curriculum areas other than art, music and PE i.e very academically able children.

  • Talented pupils are children who display talent in one or more of the following areas – Art, Drama, Music, PE

  • Gifted and Talented pupils are those who demonstrate strength in academic and practical/creative subjects.

How pupils are identified for inclusion on the Gifted and Talented register at Gaynes?


  • Gifted pupils are identified with reference to data. If a pupil has a mean CAT score of above 129 or has a score of 129 in one or more battery of the CATs score tests then they will be included on the Gifted and Talented register.

  • If pupils has a mean score of 117 – 128  in their CATS tests or a non – verbal score of 117 – 128 they will be included in our in – house register of Gifted and Talented students.

  • Teachers will also nominate pupils who demonstrate strength and ability in a certain subject even they do not have the scores mentioned above.


  • Talented pupils are identified through teacher feedback through Year 7 for subjects such as PE, Art , Drama and Music. Involvement in teams, clubs and competitions are important elements of the identification process

  • We use information from primary schools  

  • We also ask parents to nominate students so that we aware of the talents that our students have inside and outside of school.

Provision for Gifted and Talented at Gaynes

  • We will endeavour to provide all pupils with learning experiences, opportunities, challenge and enrichment which will help them to fulfil their potential to secure the highest possible levels of achievement

  • All staff will be aware of the needs and abilities of the identified Gifted and Talented cohort and will cater for them in the appropriate way to ensure that they reach the highest levels of achievement

  • The school will monitor and regularly track all pupils to ensure that they are not underachieving  

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