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Jack the Ripper and Elephant Man Educational Trip

Year Eight Citizenship and History students had a fantastic day on Wednesday 20th July with a walking tour of the East End of London. Students retraced the steps of Jack the Ripper and were shown the sights of late Nineteenth century Victorian England. These included Spitalfields, Petticoat Lane market and St Botolph's Church. Students also got to explore the multicutural side of the East End by walking down Brick Lane and sampling some Indian sweets. Diversity was a key theme of the trip as students began to understand how the East End has been a melting pot for a number of communities when they first entered England. The walking tour concluded at the Royal London hospital where students learnt of the tragic life of Jonathan Merrick and explored how Victorian attitudes changed towards the Elephant Man.

If you wish to contact the Head of Citizenship by email, please address your email to:admin@gaynes.havering.sch.uk and mark it for the attention of the Head of Citizenship.

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