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Year 8 - Individuals Project

Year 8 Humanities Homework Project 1

Your homework will be explained to you by _________________________ who will be responsible for your class and should be your first port of call if you have any problems.   They will set the deadline; which will be towards the end of next half term.  Your teachers might set you some homework between now and Christmas but your main homework will be your project.

Individuals Project

The aim of this terms project is to encourage you to find out more about individuals who interest, influence and inspire you.  You must find out about 3 to 5 different individuals who link to the 5 subjects in the Humanities Faculty.  

For Citizenship chose a political figure that you want to find out more about.  For Geography research a person who has discovered new places.  For History, chose a figure from the past who interests you.  For R.E., find out more about an influential religious figure.  For the Personal Studies person you can chose someone who you have a personal interest in; it might be a friend, family member, pop star or a hero of yours.


  • Create a fact file for each person

  • Write about why you chose each person

  • Show how you have found out about the different individuals

  • Compare the 5 people write about who you think is the most important

  • Pictures of the people

  • Do a pretend interview with the people

You can present your work however you wish.  You could present you work as a booklet, posters, a collage or a magazine.  After your project is handed in we will hold class debates about which of the people researched is the most significant.

This project is taking the place of homework from all of your humanities subjects.  This should be reflected in the content of your project.  We would advise that you spend at least an hour a week on it or the equivalent.  

If you have any questions you should firstly speak to the teacher responsible for your class.  Look out for help sessions in the next few weeks and there will be help and advice on the Humanities Area of the school website.

We hope that you learn loads about the people you choose to research.

If you wish to contact the Head of Humanities by email, please address your email and mark it for the attention of the Head of Humanities.

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