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Year 9 - European Country Project

Year 9 Humanities Homework Project 1

This year instead of being set homework from each Humanities subject (Citizenship, Geography, History, P.S. and R.E.) you will be set a Humanities Project for homework.  Your teachers might set you some homework between now and Christmas but your main homework will be your project.

Your homework will be explained to you by _________________________ who will be responsible for your class and should be your first port of call if you have any problems.   They will set the deadline; which will be towards the end of next half term.

A Country in the European Union

Choose one of the countries in the European Union (not the UK).  Research that country and find out all you can about it.  Present your findings in an interesting and informative way.  The aim of this project is for you to learn about, and become an expert on, one of our neighbours in Europe.

  • Draw the country’s flag and explain its meaning.

  • Print out a map of Europe and show where the country is.

  • Create a fact file about the country (size, capital city, population).

  • Design a menu of food and drink from the country.

  • Find out about how the country is governed.

  • Find 3 key moments from the country’s history that you think are significant and explain why.

  • Make a timeline of the country’s history.

  • Find out about the different religious beliefs people have in your chosen country.

  • Write about any interesting traditions of the country.

  • Make profiles of famous people from the country.

  • Design a poster for a travel agent advertising your country.

  • What are the main industries in the country you have chosen?

  • Is there anything interesting happening in your country right now?

  • Interview someone who has been to that country and find out what they thought.

This project is taking the place of homework from all of your humanities subjects.  This should be reflected in the content of your project.  We would advise that you spend at least an hour a week on it or the equivalent.  

If you have any questions you should firstly speak to the teacher responsible for your class.  Look out for help sessions in the next few weeks and there will be help and advice on the Humanities Area of the school website.

We hope that you learn loads about the country you choose to research.

If you wish to contact the Head of Humanities by email, please address your email and mark it for the attention of the Head of Humanities.

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