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Mathematics Department

Teaching Staff

Miss S Guthrie
Mr P Whiteman
Mr M Hughes
Mrs Trebess
Mr G Dordoy
Mr L Danso

Miss S Guthrie - Senior Deputy Head & Teacher of Maths
Mr P Whiteman - Acting Assistant Head & Teacher of Maths
Mr M Hughes - Associate Middle Leader of Maths
Mrs R Swindale - Third in Maths
Mr G Dordoy - Teacher of Maths
Mr L Danso - Teacher of Maths


Mathematics is a core and fundamental subject and our department is currently staffed with excellent teachers. Our aim is to support all students through what can be a very challenging and demanding course. All teachers are committed to providing opportunties for understanding and development and we pride ourselves on our ability to build positive relationships with students. We wish to ensure every student leaves Gaynes School equipped with the skills to flourish and meet the challenges of our ever-changing 21st century.


Students are placed in ability groupings at the beginning of year 7 based on their entry data from primary schools and our own base-line assessment test.  Each year is then divided in the appropriate number of groupings based on current cohort numbers.  Students remain in these groupings for the year and are assessed carefully and periodically throughout.  We reassess groupings for the next academic year by reviewing all the test scores throughout the year and considering overall performance in their end of year exam.  At the beginning of Key Stage 4 students are arranged in near ability groupings based on progress whist in KS3.  These groups would not normally change throughout KS4.  We expect the majority of students to be entered for the Higher Tier GCSE with some students entered for Foundation.

Curriculum Overview

Three Schemes of Work exist within each year group, which enables us to teach specificially at targeted groups, depending upon their ability, whilst offering opportunities to stretch and challenge.

Year 7 SoW (middle)
Year 8 SoW (middle)
Year 9 SoW (middle)
Year 10SoW (middle)


Within the Maths department, we use a lot of formative assessment to tailor our teaching to the needs of our students. Summative assessments exist in line with the SoW and to prepare students for the examinations they will sit in year 11.

The Key Stage 3 assessment dates are as follows:

Half-term 1 = w/b: 9th October 2017
Half-term 2 = w/b: 11th December 2017
Half-term 3 (midterms) = w/b: 29th January 2018
Half-term 4 = w/b: 19th March 2018
Half-term 5 (end of year) = w/b: 21st May 2018
Half-term 6 = w/b: 2nd July 2018


We use a variety of supportive resources within the department:
MyMaths - we subscribe to this on-line service that provides examples, questions, homework tasks and games. Each student is given a log-in and the majority of our homework tasks are set through this medium.
MathsWatch - is a revision tool with real exam questions that are automatically marked with accompanying videos and worksheets.
Collins Connect - all students have access to the online textbooks that are used in classrooms to support their learning at home. Students are able to access examples, questions and reviews for all topics they cover whilst in school.

Extra - Curricular Activities

The department currently offers a 'Maths Clinic' which runs during Monday lunchtimes. Students can visit to gain extra support or to ask questions regarding homework or class activities. We also have selected 'Maths Prefects' who support younger students with their studies.
Maths Clinic is currently situated in Mrs Swindale's classroom.


All pupils are provided with exercise books in KS3 and KS4. We also provide studens with access to textbooks in the classroom and through Collins Connect online. It is expected that all students come prepared to every lesson and are ready to learn with the following equipment: pen, pencil, rubber, ruler, compass, protractor and scientific calculator. The casio range of calculators are reasonably priced and work effectively in each Key Stage, although others are available.


If you wish to contact the Head of Maths by email, please address your email and mark it for the attention of the Head of Maths.

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