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GCSE RESULTS 2013: French - 54%, German - 53.8%, Italian - 64.5%, Spanish - 44.4%
Controlled Assessment

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Modern Foreign Languages at Gaynes

The Modern Languages Faculty at Gaynes School continues to recognise its role in ensuring each pupil has the opportunity to fulfil their potential in MFL based of KS2 to KS4 externally set targets.

To do this, Faculty and school leadership have decided that to build on the majority of pupils’ prior learning in this key area for pupils to achieve their English Baccalaureate qualification in KS4. This means that all pupils for 2013 onwards will study FRENCH in timetabled lessons.

These lessons are carefully tailored to ensure this progress is made in each of the four core skill areas – Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. We also aim to broaden pupil horizons and develop a more profound cultural awareness and understanding of the similarities between us and our closest EU partner.

We have invested in the latest technologies to support our pupils. Pupils use the electronic versions of Studio (excerpts below) as well as the full suite of resources offered by Boardworks. This is further supported by a school-based subscription to and . We also strongly encourage pupils to use and

In year 7 pupils are taught in groups designed to ease the transition from the primary schools and to guarantee that all pupils end the year with their expected levels of progress. (Based on KS2 SATs and KS4 targets.) They will use Studio 1 and Studio 2, possibly with support from Acces Studio.

At the start of year 8 pupils are placed in discrete sets based upon ability in French (from Y7) and tend to stay in these sets until the end of year 9 although we do recognise that pupils will progress at different rates and linguistic constructions and concepts may be understood almost as if overnight! Pupils again use the Studio 2 resources with additional material from Boardworks.

Each module focuses on the full range of core skills and also intercultural understanding, knowledge about language and language learning strategies.

We also use our lessons to introduce, support and extend our commitment to SMSC (Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural) and Building Learning Power (BLP) values and growth.

We also aim to increase the level of communicative exposure to French by both teach and pupil use of Target Language (TL.)

Modules are assessed in KS3 both to support the overall aims of our Y7-GCSE curriculum as well as the individual successes and needs of each pupil.

Studio 1 modules / topics covered include:

  • Introductions (Intermediate)     

  • School & Education (basic)

  • Hobbies, Sports & Free-time (Intermediate)

  • House, Home & Habitat (Intermediate)

  • Holidays, Trips & Visits.

This covers National Curriculum levels 1-6.

Studio 2 modules / topics covered include:

  • Meeting People (Extended)

  • Home LifeEducation & Future Plans (Intermediate)

  • Holidays (Intermediate)

  • Travel & Accommodation (Intermediate)

  • Leisure (Intermediate)Celebrations

  • Health & FitnessFood & Drink (Intermediate)

  • Environmental Issues

  • Media

  • Work, Jobs & Careers.

This covers National Curriculum levels 3-7.


Excerpts from Boardworks for French


If you wish to contact the Head of Modern Foreign Languages by email, please address your email and mark it for the attention of the Head of Modern Foreign Languages.

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