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Personal Studies

During Year 8 and 9 students have one lesson of Personal Studies each week.  Personal Studies is normally taught by R.E. teachers and occasionally other teachers from the Humanities Faculty.  In Personal Studies students cover a range of topics that we hope will benefit our students now and in the future and enable them to live healthier, safer and more productive lives.

Year 8

Term 1 – Smoking, Alcohol & Drugs

Students will learn about the dangers of smoking, alcohol and drugs.  They will examine why and how people develop addictions to these substances.  Students will explore how to avoid getting into dangerous situations with these substances and how to help themselves and others.

Term 2 – Relationship and Self Image

Students will explore the some of the issues that face many people of their own age.  They will look at the relationships within families and friendship groups and how to handle situations when these relationships break down.  This is followed by working with students to explore questions of self-image and helping to address the concerns that many people have in this area.

Term 3 – Keeping Safe

This term will all be about Keeping Safe.  Students will look at a range of areas where their safety might be at risk.  They will explore how to handle risks and how to avoid them.

Year 9

Term 1 – Sex Education

Over the term students will explore the changes that are taking place as they move through puberty.  They will also learn about the dangers of unsafe sexual behaviour and how to avoid such dangers.

Term 2 – The World of Work

Students will be learning about the world of work and careers.  They will focus on what jobs are out there and what they need to do in order to fulfil their ambitions and dreams.

Term 3 – Personal Finances

Students will learn all they need to know to survive financially in our world.  They will be taught about home budgeting, different types of loans, the importance of banking etc.

It is hoped that the year 9 course will provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to play a full part in our society.

If you wish to contact the Head of Personal Studies by email, please address your email and mark it for the attention of the Head of Personal Studies.

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