School Day - Gaynes School

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The School Day

The typical school day at Gaynes School consists of the following:

8.00am Breakfast available in the school canteen

8.30 am Students arrive

8.40 am Registration / Assembly

Registers will be marked and sent electronically by 8.45 am.  Students arriving between 8.45 - 9.00 am must go straight to their registration and will have their absence mark converted to a late mark by their Form Tutor.  An indication of the number of minutes late will also be recorded.

Students arriving after 9.00 am MUST sign in at the Attendance Office

9.00 am Period 1

9.50 am Period 2

10.40 am Morning Break

11.00 am Period 3

11.50 am Period 4

12.40 pm Lunchtime

1.30 pm Period 5 - afternoon registration included

2.20 pm Period 6

3.10 pm End of School Day

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