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Suggestions to watch on BBC iPlayer:

Prehistoric Autopsy Order and Disorder

Secret Universe: The Hidden Life of the Cell

Seven Ages of Starlight

Voyager: To the Final Frontier

Year 11 Revision timetable available to view in revision section.

Controlled assessments are currently underway for Additional and Triple Science students in year 11. Please see the controlled assessment section of the website for more information

Controlled Assessment

We are passionate about Science and want to instil that passion in the scientists of the future. Science helps students make sense of the world around them and make informed decisions in our ever changing Universe. Science is and should be fun for all, and as such we use different activities including practical work, to engage and enthuse students.

We follow the OCR 21 Century Science GCSE specifications for its accessibility to all students.

We strongly believe that out-of-school activities help all students access Science and as such run trips each year including the Science Museum, GCSE Science Live! And Colchester Zoo. We also run a Science club for Key Stage Three students.


If you wish to contact the Head of Science by email, please address your email and mark it for the attention of the Head of Science.

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