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Snow Procedures

In making a decision not to open, the Headteacher will liaise with the relevant SLT prior to 6am and will take into account factors such as the level of on-site risk for both students and adults. Consideration will also be given to the condition of the roads in the immediate area and the likelihood of sufficient numbers of staff being able to get into school.

Health and safety requirements for students and staff must be adhered to. The site staff will follow the grit plan should snow be forecast. In the event that there is ice and snow on the school grounds, the site staff will come in to school and use the equipment & PPE provided to clear the site. If it is safe to do so, the school will open for all.

In the event of the school closing due to extreme snowy and/or icy conditions, these procedures must be followed:

  • The website will be updated as soon as the decision has been made. A clear message will be displayed stating the day and time and whether the school is open or closed.


"Due to the adverse weather conditions Gaynes School will be closed on FRIDAY 13 th JANUARY 2017".

"Despite snow today, we foresee no current issues and therefore the school is open as normal"."

  • A SIMS InTouch message will be sent to all subscribed parents/carers as soon as the decision is made. If it is not possible to gain entry to the school, this will be done by remote logon.

  • The message on the school voicemail telephone system will be changed immediately to the below statement.  A status update will be posted via Social Media also.

"Gaynes School is closed today, for further details of this closure; please go to the School website at .  Thank you".

  • The status of the school will be communicated to Havering’s HR department 01708 433919 who in turn will inform Trevor Cook – Acting Assistant Director of Children’s Services, so that the Havering website can be updated.

The following local radio stations will also be updated.

BBC ESSEX email:- Twitter:- @BBCEssex

TIME FM Twitter:- @Time1075_FM


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